Tigran Khachatryan meets with Chinese investors
26 October, 2018

Acting RA Minister of Economic Development and Investments Tigran Khachatryan held a meeting with a business delegation led by Yan Jihan, president of the Jiangsu provincial branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

The Chinese businessmen informed the minister that they are willing to make investments in Armenia, particularly, about in sectors such as IT, agriculture, process industries, as well as mining.

During the meeting the exporting opportunities of Armenian alcoholic drinks and mineral beverages to the China were also included in the discussion topics.

Tigran Khachatryan welcomed the visit of the businessmen to Armenia and expressed hope that the further meetings and discussions will be followed by tangible results. The Minister assured that the Armenian government will support investment initiatives in all necessary phases.

At the request of the Chinese businessmen, Tigran Khachatryan presented to the guests the country’s mining potential and opportunities.

Acting deputy Minister Mane Adamyan presented the tourism sector and briefed the businessmen on investment projects.