Tatevik Sargsyan
  • Phone (+374 11) 597 204
  • Email tsargsyan@mineconomy.am
  • She was appointed as Deputy Minister on april 1, 2024

  • Date and Place of Birth

    1985 January 15, Aragatsavan, Aragatsotn province, Republic of Armenia

Armenian National Agrarian University, current, Animal husbandry, PhD

2002-2008-Armenian National Agrarian University, Veterinary Sanitation and Expertise

Since April 1, 2024 Deputy Minister of Economy of RA

2022-2024 - Ministry of Economy of Armenia,  Head of “Agricultural Animal Breeding Department of the Livestock Breeding“ Department

2023-2024 - Armenian National Agrarian University, "Research Center for Breeding, Genetics and Feeding of Agricultural Animals", Researcher

2022 - Present, Armenian National Agrarian University, "Veterinary Sanitary Expertise, Food Safety and Hygiene", Lecturer

2019-2022 - Ministry of Economy of Armenia, Department of primary agricultural products, Cheif  Specialist

2016-2019 - Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, Leading Specialist

2014-2016 - Armenian National Agrarian University, "Veterinary Sanitary Expertise and ZooHygiene Chair", Lecturer

2014-2016- Armenian National Agrarian University, Department of the "Educational Methodological Center", 1st Class Specialist

2011-2014 - Armenian National Agrarian University, "Department of Organization and Control of the Educational Process of the Educational Methodological Center", Senior inspector

2004-2007 - "Alagyaz' Sheep Breeding Plant" CJSC , Chief Veterinarian

Since 2022 - Member of the "Civil Contract" PoliticalParty

Fluent in English and Russian

Author of 4 scientific articles



2022 - Republic of Slovakia, Agricultural University of Nitra, Green agriculture initiative in RA within the framework of the "EU GAIA" program,

2022 -  Armenia, Development of Agricultural Policy and Digital Agriculture, PHRD

2020 -  Armenia, Modern Aquaculture Breeding Technologies and Methods, USAID, GATO Use of Advanced Scientific Technologies and Cooperation for Comprehensive Conservation of Resources

2020 - Armenia, Program monitoring and evaluation, Effective organization of work, USAID

2019 - Georgia, Coordination of Humanitarian and International Public Health Interventions, Network of Educational Programs (UNESCO)

2019 - Kyrgyzstan, Technological Solutions for Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, FAO Central Asian and Caucasus Regional Fisheries and Aquaculture Commission

2018 - Human Resource Management in the Government of Armenia, Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Armenia

2017- Armenia, Guide Methodology for Assessing Disaster-related Needs in Agriculture, FAO

AAU "Research Center for Selection, Genetics and Feeding of Agricultural Animals", researcher

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